Our villa is literally crammed with the latest technology, while also being both energy-efficient and sustainable. Here are a few examples:

The air conditioning system in the house works very economically and consumes up to 70% less energy than older systems. In each of the three bedrooms, a sensor ensures that the desired temperature and humidity are reached in very little time.

Low-emission, hurricane-impact, heat-protective glazing ensures that the rooms can be air-conditioned more efficiently. The heat stays outside and the cool air inside. In addition, all windows in the house are burglar proof.

Security: The house is equipped with an ultra-modern alarm system including a direct connection to the nearest police station. All windows and doors are secured with sensors and all rooms with motion detectors. The system can also be partially activated while you are still within in the house. It should be noted that the crime rate in Cape Coral is one of the lowest in the USA.

The pool is kept clean using electrolysis. This means that the water especially smooth and easy on the skin. Typical adverse reactions to chlorine are avoided.

The pool pump is a variable speed pump which means that it only ever runs at the required speed – it is therefore more economical and quieter than standard pumps. All major technical equipment is housed in an alcove (the equipment niche) at side of the garage. This guarantees you a peaceful sleep because you won’t notice the equipment – unlike many other villas where you can hear the hum of the air conditioning and pool pump 24 hours a day.

In our villa there is a boiler instead of the usual hot water tank. In Florida, electric-heated hot water tanks are normally used – these provide a permanent hot water supply. However, if the holiday home is vacant for a few days or the guests are out for the day, these tanks still consume unnecessary power. Such tanks can consume up to 70% of a house’s energy if they are from an older year of manufacture. The smarter alternative is a boiler which only provides hot water when it is needed. In addition, this technique rules out the buildup of legionella bacteria which rely on stagnant water.

There are high class Samsung front loader washer and dryer in the laundry. Both are newest generation, large-capacity energy saving machines full of convenient features.

If you would like to print any Google maps, shopping lists or other documents, you can do so with the printer with USB port, which can be found in the office.

Last but not least: Entertainment
Firstly, an important piece of information: High-quality cable TV is significantly more expensive in the country where it was invented than in Germany. This is the reason why many holiday villas only offer a very limited number of prime-time channels, most of which have a rough, pixelated picture. This is not the case with us.
Our guests have a Comcast premium package available to them. They can watch 70 HD channels on the house’s four smart TVs, such as TCM, Universal Channel, AMC, Bravo, TBS, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBCSN, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. VOD services such as XFINITY On Demand, Netflix and Amazon Prime offer the newest blockbusters and series. Apple TV is connected to the 65” VIZIO M-Series LED Smart TV in the living room, so that you can retrieve all the contents of your media library with your Apple ID.