Olivia’s House is a five star luxury villa which was only just finished in 2015 according to current building standards and an understanding of German quality – we furnished it to a high quality and with great care.

The house has about 3.800 sq.ft. of usable area, of which 2.450 sq.ft are an air-conditioned living area. Three bedrooms offer space for six guests. Instead of windows each bedroom has a terrace door with an insect screen, through which you can reach the outside terrace area. From there a paved path leads to a pool area and the boat dock. The next room, the office, is furnished with a sofa bed and can put up either two children or an adult. All three bedrooms have fully accessible, walk-in showers in XXL size with glass walls.

Our house was exclusively furnished with branded products whose quality is far from what you find in many other rental villas, which often use own-brand DIY warehouse or Walmart products. From bikes to dishes, mattresses, garden furniture, duvet covers and smart TVs, just to name some examples, everything in the house is extremely high quality and fun to use. It is a five star experience through and through.