One of the absolute highlights of the villa is the XL luxury pool, which is almost 50 ft long and up to 17 ft wide. It offers more than enough space for both adults and children to enjoy a great bathing experience. A special feature is the pool’s 20 ft long “vanishing edge” – this allows for a fantastic view of the boat dock and canal, makes sure that the pool surface remains clean and provides some wonderful background noise.

Our pool is a saltwater pool thanks to an electrolysis process which disinfects the water, avoiding typical adverse reactions to chlorine. This means that the water is easy on the skin. Further highlights of the pool area include the almost 100 sq.ft.“Splish Splash” shallow area, foot-deep water and variable water jets. The pool and spa are both heated electrically and are remote controllable from the living room.

The entire pool area extends over 1150 sq.ft.